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Pendulum 360 is a lifestyle brand with a vibrant learning community that helps individuals and businesses thrive in this new and ever-changing world.

Our learning platform focuses on the whole person and offers a diverse range of courses and content at a price that reflects high value for time.
We are at the forefront of providing a personalised learning journey for our learners that adapts to their specific requirements. Our repertoire of exceptional content covers a multitude of learning categories such as Wellness, Performance, Work, Entrepreneurship and Relationships. Each course has been designed with the modern-day person in mind where we select the best content from the best teachers in the world, condense it down and deliver it in highly targeted bursts to suit an active lifestyle.
A core element of our world-class platform is our very own Private Social Network. This allows our members to come together and build lasting connections. It reflects our core belief of being human in a digital world as opposed to being totally digital.

Pendulum is where you learn what you need - when you need it!

This unique platform has been developed with our 1000’s of Pendulum followers in mind who have told us they want a one-stop-shop for all things Wellbeing, Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness, Leadership, Career, Business, Relationships and more! In true Pendulum style, we have meticulously selected 20+ micro-learning courses and content from the best teachers and trainers in the world and delivered them in a ‘Netflix-style’ format of highly targeted bursts of micro-learning. This is complemented by an engaging community feature and pathways for learning.

Frankie Sheahan, Founder & CEO of Pendulum 360˚

“There is significant demand for training programs and courses that address the whole person and incorporate membership in a community of like-minded individuals. We’ve invested in mechanisms to deliver highly effective bursts of micro-learning that fit into a busy day with targeted and applicable information in a collaborative online environment.”

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