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Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing

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 Access to 20+ highly targeted micro-learning courses delivered in a ‘Netflix-style’ format that fuel peak performance and holistic wellbeing

   Get 12 months of access to micro-learning courses like:

Dr. Harry Barry’s 21 Days To Armour-Plated Mental Wellbeing

Kingsley Aikins’ Build Your Own Network

Dr Martyn Newman’s Empowered Emotional Intelligence

Deanne Berry’s 10 Week Fitness And Wellbeing Programme

Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme and so much more!

Learn from the world’s leading experts in wellbeing, leadership & personal development

Deepak Chopra MD

Global Authority in Leadership & Human Empowerment

Lisa Nichols

World’s Most Requested Motivational Speakers

Sir Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group

Keith Cunningham

Leading Authority in Business Mastery

Debra Searle

Professional Adventurer & Leading Motivational Speaker

Jack Canfield

World's #1 Success Coach

Dr John Demartini

World’s Leading Force in Human Behaviour

Dr Bob Rotella

World’s Leading Expert in Performance Psychology

Rasmus Ankersen

Global Authority In Talent and High Performance

Chris Hadfield

Canadian Space Agency Astronaut

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