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A vocational learning platform dedicated to fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing

Our learning platform focuses on the whole person by fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of courses and content at a price that reflects high value for time.

We provide a personalised learning journey for our learners that adapts to their specific requirements. Our repertoire of exceptional content covers a multitude of areas like wellness, performance, work, entrepreneurship and relationships. Ultimately, we’ve designed each course with the modern-day person in mind.

A core element of our world-class platform is our very own Private Social Network. Our members come together and build lasting connections. This reflects our core belief of embracing the human in a digital world.

Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing

What you get with Pendulum 360˚

Peak performance & holistic wellbeing

Unlimited access to the Pendulum 360˚ platform for 12 months. Value €365!

Access to 20+ highly targeted micro-learning courses from experts like Dr Martyn Newman PhD, Dr John Demartini, Deanne Berry, Mark Bryce, The Happy Pear and many more. Value €4200!

Access to 100+ Pendulum Summit presentations from Sir Richard Branson, Wim Hof, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Dr Deepak Chopra, Randi Zuckerberg, Michael Johnson, Susie Wolff and all of the 2024 presentations now included!

Access to the 8 Module Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme (accreditation pending) Value €2700!

Access to up to 4 Masterclasses with visionary speakers. Value €388!

Certificates of completion that you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile. Value €375!

Access to our vibrant learning community with group interaction and accountability.

24/7 expert guidance and bespoke learning pathways.

Access to new courses and live events.

Accessible on any device through our new Pendulum 360 App, worldwide across all time zones.

Develop your skills in areas like...

Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing
Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing
Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing
Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing
Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing
Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing
Fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing

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Where you learn what you need when you need it

We developed Pendulum 360˚ with our thousands of Pendulum followers in mind who want a one-stop-shop for all things wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, leadership, career, business and relationships. 

We’ve meticulously selected 20+ micro-learning courses from the world’s best teachers and trainers. We deliver our courses in a ‘Netflix-style’ format for highly targeted bursts of micro-learning.

Start your learning journey and begin fuelling peak performance & holistic wellbeing.

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Pendulum is the world’s no.1 solution-provider dedicated to serving individuals and businesses on their journey for excellence. 

Our world-renowned thought-leaders and visionary speakers like Tony Robbins and Steve Wozniak present compelling propositions to stimulate visionary thinking through their delivery of cutting-edge content, practical tools and innovative inspiration. To cultivate a growth mindset and a high-performance culture, we focus our value proposition to clients on five key pillars:

Self-empowerment, authentic relationships, leadership and team Performance, business excellence and professional and wealth elevation

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